Schedule for Fall 2016

Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Change announcements will be made during club meetings and via email. Unless otherwise noted, all Thursday events are at 6 PM, and Friday events are at 7 PM. All events will be in a meeting room on the 3rd floor of the Pond Student Union building. The rooms may shuffle, so please keep an eye out for us!

Any schedule changes will be announced in-club and on our Facebook page. An email is also sent to the mailing list each week with scheduled event and meeting times.

Thursday Schedule

DateEvent I am bad at CSS and can't set column widths. Filler text. Filler text.
August 25General Meeting
September 1Movie Night - Bakemono no Ko
September 8Selection Night - Choose between Orange and Re:Zero
September 15Ushio to Tora 1-2; Orange 3-4
September 22Acchi Kocchi 1-2; Orange 5-6
September 29Boku no Hero Academia 1-2; Orange 7-8
October 6Mirai Nikki 1-2; Orange 9-10
October 13Hamatora the Animation 1-2; Orange 11-12
October 20Orange 13; Selection Night - Choose between ReLIFE and Mob Psycho 100
October 2791 Days 1-2; Main 3-4
November 3Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai 1-2; Main 5-6
November 10Uchuu Patrol Luluco 1-2; Main 7-8
November 17New Game! 1-2; Main 9-10(11)
November 24No Class - Thanksgiving Break
December 1Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 1-2; Main 11-12(13)
December 8Movie Night
December 15No Class - Finals Week

Friday Schedule

All Friday events are TBD the Thursday before. Please keep tabs on club to find out what is happening that week! If you have any suggestions for Friday anime, please email them to the club's Media Coordinator.

Looking for last semester's schedule? View the archive!