Media Library

Blu-ray/DVD Listing

Our anime library is avaliable to all our paid-in-full members! You can view our selection and check out discs at the end of our meetings. Checked out materials will be due after the next week's meeting.

For an up-to-date listing of what is currently checked out, please view our Google Docs spreadsheet or inquire with the librarian.

Important Note: This listing is somewhat out-of-date. The spreadsheet above is more accurate. Nothing is missing, but things have been added.

ItemDescriptionLanguage/SubtitleMedia Type
Angel Beats!Series, 13 episodes. Average 8.6Dual-audioBlu-ray
AquarionSeries, 26 episodes. Average 7.2Dual-audioDVD
Baccano!Series, 13 episodes. Average 8.6Dual-audioDVD
Baka & Test S1Series, 13 episodes. Average 8.0Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Black CatSeries, 23 episodes. Average 7.6Dual-audioDVD
Black LagoonSeries, 24 episodes. Average 8.4Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Blade of the ImmortalSeries, 5 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.0Dual-audioDVD
Castle in the SkyMovie. Average 8.4Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
ChobitsSeries, 24 episodes. Average 7.7Dual-audioBlu-ray
Chrono CrusadeSeries, 24 episodes. Average 7.9Dual-audioDVD
ClaymoreSeries, 5 episodes (incomplete). Average 8.0Dual-audioDVD
Darker Than BlackSeries, 25 episodes. Average 8.4Dual-audioDVD
Darker Than Black 2Series, 12 episodes. Average 7.7SubtitledDVD
Dragon DriveSeries, 5 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.0Dual-audioDVD
Eden's BowySeries, 5 episodes (incomplete). Average 6.7Dual-audioDVD
EscaflowneSeries, 26 episodes. Average 7.8Dual-audioDVD
Eureka SevenSeries, 50 episodes. Average 8.3Dual-audioDVD
FLCLOVA, 6 episodes. Average 8.1Dual-audioBlu-ray
Full Metal Panic!Series, 8 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.9Dual-audioDVD
Full Metal Panic! The Second RaidSeries, 4 episodes (incomplete). Average 8.2Dual-audioDVD
Garzey's WingOVA, 3 episodes. Average 3.9Dual-audioDVD
HeatGuy JSeries, 8 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.4Dual-audioDVD
Howl's Moving CastleMovie. Average 8.7Dual-audioDVD
Inuyasha the Movie 1-4Movie. Average 7.7Dual-audioDVD
Lupin IIISeries, 6 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.8Dual-audioDVD
My Neighbor TotoroMovie. Average 8.5Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindMovie. Average 8.5Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Negima! Magister Negi MagiSeries, 26 episodes. Average 7.2Dual-audioDVD
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeries, 26 episodes. Average 8.3Dual-audioDVD
Oh! My GoddessSeries, 48 episodes. Average 7.1Dual-audioDVD
Ouran High School Host ClubSeries, 26 episodes. Average 8.5Dual-audioBlu-ray
PonyoMovie. Average 8.0Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Princess MononokeMovie. Average 8.8Dual-audioDVD/VHS
Read or DieSeries, 4 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.7Dual-audioDVD
Rurouni KenshinSeries, 4 episodes (incomplete). Average 8.5Dual-audioDVD
SaikanoSeries, 4 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.4Dual-audioDVD
Samurai 7Series, 26 episodes. Average 7.7Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Samurai ChamplooSeries, 26 episodes. Average 8.5Dual-audioBlu-ray
The Secret World of ArriettyMovie. Average 8.2Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Spice and Wolf S1Series, 13 episodes. Average 8.4Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Spice and Wolf S2Series, 12 episodes. Average 8.5Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Soul EaterSeries, 51 episodes. Average 8.2Dual-audioBlu-ray
Steins;GateSeries, 12 episodes (incomplete). Average 9.2Dual-audioBlu-ray
Summer WarsMovie. Average 8.4Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Tenga Toppa Gurren LagannSeries, 18 episodes (incomplete). Average 8.8SubtitledDVD
The Twelve KingdomsSeries, 5 episodes (incomplete). Average 8.2Dual-audioDVD
Whisper of the HeartMovie. Average 8.4Dual-audioBlu-ray/DVD
Witch Hunter RobinSeries, 5 episodes (incomplete). Average 7.4Dual-audioDVD
Wolf's RainSeries, 5 episodes (incomplete). Average 8.0Dual-audioDVD

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