Schedule for Spring 2016

Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Change announcements will be made during club meetings and via email. Unless otherwise noted, all Thursday events are at 6 PM in the North Fork Room, and Friday events are at 7 PM in the Portneuf Room.

Any schedule changes will be announced in-club and on our Facebook page. An email is also sent to the mailing list each week with scheduled event and meeting times.

Thursday Schedule

DateEvent I am bad at CSS and can't set column widths. Filler text. Filler text.
January 14The Wind Rises
January 21Kids on the Slope 1-2; Death Parade 1-2; Chu2Byo 1-2
January 28One Punch Man 1-2; Kids on the Slope 3-4
February 4Seven Deadly Sins 1-2; Kids on the Slope 5-6
Feb. 12 (Friday)Lovely★Complex 1-2; Kids on the Slope 7-8
February 18ERASED 1-2; Kids on the Slope 9-10
February 25Working!! 1-2; Kids on the Slope 11-12 (Final)
March 3School-Live 1-2; Chu2Byo 3-4
March 10Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 1-2; Chu2Byo 5-6
March 17Beck 1-2; Chu2Byo 7-8
March 24Spring Break - NO MEETING
March 31Assassination Classroom 1-2; Chu2Byo 9-10
April 7Freshman Early Registration - NO ROOMS = NO MEETING
April 14Accel World 1-2; Chu2Byo 11-12 (Final)
April 21Classics Night: Cowboy Bebop 1-2; Samurai Champloo 1-2
April 28Final Meeting: Movie and Pizza TBD
May 5Finals Week - No Meeting

Friday Schedule

All Friday events are TBD the Thursday before. Please keep tabs on club to find out what is happening that week!

Looking for last semester's schedule? View the archive!